Simple Life circle

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5 Senses Experiences...

Outdoor Experiences – Simon has carefully selected locations across Kent which will introduce you to parks and woodlands, lakes and farmland. You will be encouraged to touch, smell, and feel your way around these routes and this opportunity to sample our beautiful countryside is structured, enjoyable and enlightening all at the same time. Book your first….we’re sure you will come back for a second.

Talks – Simon shares ideas on how to make your garden relaxing yet invigorating, using the “4 Keys” to unlock your outdoor space.

In a fun and entertaining way, you will learn how to bring colour, sound and smell into your garden, encouraging plants and wildlife to co-exist, stimulating your senses and offering you a peaceful space to relax in.

Forthcoming Events...

What our friends say...

"I go walking often, this experience has taught me to actually stop and explore more. To adventure out more, to different locations and to meet new people."


"If you are eco-conscious, passionate about the outdoors or wildlife, or would just like to hear more about the vast variety of nature that can be found on our doostep, the Simple Life Circle is for you!"


"The chance to be informed by experts on nature, wildlife, local and national walks and a great fun way to learn. Definitely recommend..."