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Simple Life Circle
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We give people an outlet to understand and engage with the countryside around them. During these tough times we offer an escape from the monotonous life we live in the pandemic; some have to shield and isolate and we give them the chance to still explore the outside through topics and videos created by Ross & Simon or by other members. We offer people the chance to enhance their senses and awareness whilst being in the country and help them find new understanding about wildlife.

What our members say...

"Very insightful and makes me relax just watching. Each session I learn something new and am reminded to get outside and enjoy the beautiful nature on our doorstep."


"If you are eco-conscious, passionate about the outdoors or wildlife, or would just like to hear more about the vast variety of nature that can be found on our doostep, the Simple Life Circle is for you!"


"The chance to be informed by experts on nature, wildlife, local and national walks and a great fun way to learn. Definitely recommend..."


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The offer, for £19 pcm, for this you receive:

  • 4×1 hour shows each month. Each show has some recurring topics like; Dawn stories, Dusk stories, Unleash the inner walker and creature features.
  • 2 shows per month are members only
    • The special guest show
    • The walk special, we feature a specially planned walk, and all features are based on that.
  • 15% of all experiences activities¬†
  • 15% of all merchandise, animal houses and clothing etc.
  • Access to our closed online Facebook community

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Meet the Simple Life Presenters

Ross Pollard

Ross has spent his whole life living amongst the country and learning to appreciate the landscapes and animals in the area under the supervision of his likeminded father, Simon.

Simon Pollard

Simon has had an appreciation for the country since he was young and has worked with the RSPB for many years, alongside his garden design business He still thrives on knowing the outside and finding comfort, value and peace in our amazing natural world.

As Featured on BBC Radio Kent

Come and Join in this exciting zoom broadcast, as featured on the Anna Louise show on Radio Kent.